Modeling Chemistry in Planet-Forming Disks

Ellen M. Price

Öberg/Knight Joint Group Meeting

31 August 2018

Structure overview

(inspired by Henning & Semenov 2013)

Modeling possibilities

  • Single, global simulation of disk chemistry and physics
  • Reduce chemical network or physics
  • Local simulation
    • Under some assumptions, no compromise between chemistry and physics
    • Approximately equal computational load to a static model
    • Can be built upon in future work

Disk model overview

Key assumptions

  • Azimuthal symmetry
  • Small grains are well-coupled to the gas
  • X-rays and UV radiation are extincted
  • Cosmic rays cannot be neglected
  • No 3-body reactions
  • α-disk viscosity
  • Parametric temperature structure

Fiducial and static models

Does chemical history matter?